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I have to say this was the best christmas present ever.

We sail all around the Solent and this was just amazing !

I know the solent very well but to see a 3D perspective of this is just excellent.

It has pride of place in the kitchen and I look at it every day.

Many of my sailing friends are amazed by your work.

How long does it take you to make ?

Thank you … it is very special … I may need to talk to you about a chichester harbour one one day !


Kind Regards



My husband was absolutely delighted with the Chart - it was by far his favourite present and has been much admired by everyone who has seen it.

Thank you so much for the effort you made in getting it to me before Christmas; I really did appreciate it. Frank was very impressed by the all round organisation we went to!  I am sure we will come back to you at some time in the future to order Charts for other members of our family.


Kindest regards



Hi Katy


Thank you – it is excellent and a great way to see where we sail every day with our guests!


Kind regards



Having competed in many round the island races, it is fascinating to get such a detailed picture showing the coastline so clearly. This artwork is studied hard by family and friends pointing to the many sandbanks and rocks that have attracted so many stories over the years! A beautiful and very skilful piece of art.



Brilliant - absolutely brilliant - never has a piece of art had so much attention as your chart has up on my wall. Thank you.  MB

Hi Katy – I have just seen your charts at the Yacht Haven – amazing – such a work of art - you must be pleased with yourself. M and J

Thank you Katy – such detail and the 3D effect is stunning. JB

What a clever person you are, they are absolutely incredible

Anne C

Can wait to get one of these myself Katy, they are very much admired by everyone who works and visits Yatch Haven, as we have all four of your Isle of Wight Series hanging in our reception.


We love having one of your charts in Buchanans in Lymington. It is much admired by many of our customers.


Thank you for delivering the Chart directly to my home!

It had received many favourable comments.

Very different, and very nicely finished!


Angus S

Hi Katy

Just to let you know that the present was a rip-roaring success!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him more surprised and it is already hanging in pride of place in the den.

I keep finding him stood in front of it studying it in detail, so I think it is fair to say that it went down a storm!

And I think you will enjoy the addition to the story Katy - Nick apparently emailed you in January to ask about pricing and had to shelve it as it was post Christmas and then furloughing hit!  Extra brownie points for me!

Thank you Katy